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YUMMY BREAKFAST KEYCHAIN by Kidrobot - Blind Packed
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Yummy Breakfast Key Chain 1.5 Inch
From the crafty mind of Heidi Kenney (My Paper Crane) comes yet another delightfully delicious keychain series.

Heidi expands beyond the donut food group and dishes up an assortment of tasty treats for your keychain.

Whether waffles float your boat or you're more of a pizza person, this series hosts a buffet of morning time munchies.

Price: 4.79
5.44 EUR 6.20 USD 8.62 AUD
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Paul Frank Zipper Pull
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Paul Frank Zipper Pulls from Kidrobot

These are about 1.5 CM high

Monkey around with these zipper-pulls from Paul Frank Industries, featuring the cheeky Julius and piratical Skurvy.

Featuring 13 versions of the iconic, wide mouthed monkey and 6 of his charming skull-and-crossbones friend, this blind assortment of vibrantly colored zipper pulls is perfect for clipping on to hoodies, jackets, backpacks, and anything else you need to get a grip on.

Not for children under 14 years

Price: 3.50
3.97 EUR 4.53 USD 6.29 AUD
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Gloomy Bear Zipper Pull Series
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Gloomy Zipper Pull by Mori Chack


Mori Chack's malevolent icon returns in an assortment of 1-inch zipper pulls.  Some are bloody, some are not, all are ferocious.
Attach Gloomy to your hoodies, jackets, and backpacks.
This 23 piece series is blind assortment.

Not for children under 14 years

Price: 3.95
4.48 EUR 5.11 USD 7.10 AUD
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Kozik Rippers by Kidrobot - Blind Packed

Rippers Zipper Pulls - 1 Inch - Blind Packed
From the ever-churning mind of Frank Kozik, Kidrobot presents the latest smorkin` fiends: Rippers!

Featuring a broad range of smorkers, from Labbits and Mongers to never before seen addicts, these enamel and metal danglers are anything but `charm`-ing.

Sold in foil pouches marked for individual sale, Rippers come in a candy-jar-esque plastic... jar ready to grab and clip onto whatever you want to make your day a little more foul.

Price: 2.85
3.23 EUR 3.69 USD 5.13 AUD
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Things that hurt 1 Zipper Pull by Shane Jessup

Kidrobot Things That Hurt
Blind Packed Zipper Pull.


Give peace a chance with the first miniseries by Mr. Shane Jessup and Kidrobot. The Things that Hurt zipper pulls are a blindbox series that redefines the notion of pain. Put the hurt on your hoodie or bag and pick up a pull for just £2.95

Price: 3.50
3.97 EUR 4.53 USD 6.29 AUD
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