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About the Dunny from Kidrobot

KidRobot creates limited edition collectible vinyl (and plush) figures. The Dunny is an iconic collectible series from KidRobot. A curved bunny with a smooth face, DUNNY is a blank canvas designed to be repainted and reinterpreted by artists from many different backgrounds. The first Dunny came into being in 2004 and 6 years on they are more popular than ever.

So what is the attraction of dunnys? Dunnys are sold blind packed - that means they are foil sealed in a cardboad box with no window so you do not know which flavour you will get. Some Dunnys may only have a print run of 100 or 200 making them uber-rare and highly sought after. These are called chases - I guess because people chase after them.

In the Dunny 2009 series a Wooden dunny was introduced for the first time and this commanded prices of up to £600 on the Ebay market.

KidRobot also make 8" Dunnys which have a much smaller print run generally and are normally in one flavour with an occasional chase. In this case this wpuld be foil wrapped and sealed so again you do not know waht flavour it is.

DesignerToyStore first start selling Dunny Series 2 - and has sold most of the series ever since. We are also commited to always selling Dunnys as it is one of the greatest series of designer toys ever made - yes we are addicted too.

Below are some of our favourite Dunnys from the past series, as well as link to images of all the past series. If you have any questions or queries about the dunnys please drop us a line to fran@designertoystore.co.uk

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Favourite Dunnys

Series 2

Cycle Dunny Series 2Tristan Dunny Series 2Kozik Dunny Series 2Glen Barr Dunny Series 2

Series 3

Dunny Series 3 TiltAlex pardee Dunny Series 3 CW DunnySeries 3Tado love dunny Series 3

Series 4

Tara McPherson Dunny Series 4 Thomas Han Dunny Series 4Sket 1 Dunny Series 4Mad Dunny Series 4

Series 5

Clutter Dunny Series 5Jellymon Dunny Series 5Junko Mizuno Dunny Series 5Mad Dunny Series 5

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